About David Torres - The story so far...

About David Torres

I'm a designer and developer from Las Vegas, NV. I grew up loving art and computers. I even learned Photoshop so I could create video game forum graphics! Once I discovered I could create (almost) any design I wanted online with HTML and CSS, I was hooked...

To get started, I was hired as a graphic designer right out of high school. For years I worked as the graphic designer for a small local sign shop. This taught me how to work with clients to help them achieve their goals with signs, decals, vehicle wraps, and more!

After working in the print industry, I started my own freelance design business and got back into coding as a service I wanted to offer. I was then hired as a web designer for a local web agency and have worked there since.

Now I have the experience to take a business from the ground up with prints, websites, ecommerce, email campaigns, and so much more!

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David TorresMe and my sons